Budget-Friendly US Summer Travel Destinations

Summer is just around the corner. Often times people take their vacation days during the summer because, hey, who wants to be cooped up inside? Maybe you need a break from school or the office. Where are you headed to this summer? Here are some budget-friendly US travel destinations.

  1. MidCoast, Maine
  2. Lake Powell, Arizona
  3. Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory
  4. Ludington, Michigan
  5. Brooklyn, New York
  6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  7. Clear Lake, Iowa
  8. Denver, Colorado
  9. Borrego Springs, California
  10. Jupiter, Florida
  11. Bellingham, Washington
  12. Cannon Beach, Oregon
  13. San Antonio, Texas
  14. Greenville, South Carolina
  15. Chicago, Illinois
  16. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
  17. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  18. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  19. Cleveland, Ohio
  20. Rochester, New York
  21. New Orleans, Louisiana
  22. Indianapolis, Indiana
  23. St. Louis, Missouri
  24. Buffalo, New York
  25. Norfolk, Virginia
  26. Washington, D.C.

Want to leave the country but don’t want to go to far?

  1. Toronto, Canada
  2. Montreal, Quebec

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