Why D-I-Y?

Do-it-yourself is a culture. There are blogs, communities and social pages dedicated to the art. I have to admit, I’m too lazy to be a DIYer, but it does have more pros than cons. Let’s explore the benefits of doing-it-yourself:

  1. Save money. This is one of the most obvious benefits of doing it yourself. Products sold in stores have a significant mark up compared to the cost of production. By making or doing it yourself, you only pay for the materials. A huge savings.
  2. Increased brain stimulation. By trying something new, you are gaining new skills and knowledge. All the articles you read, and tutorials you watch will teach you something new. It will also help develop your problem-solving skills.
  3. A sense of achievement. When you look at your finished project, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment. You never thought you could do something like that! You may even want to brag and show off a little bit.
  4. A boost of confidence. If you tackle a complicated project like building a patio or putting in your new kitchen, you will realize that you can do anything you put your mind to. The sky will be your limit.
  5. Helping the environment. By taking a throw-away item and turning it into something new we are helping the environment. It’s a form of recycling and we all know how important it is to recycle.

Why do you like to do-it-yourself?


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