“What the Health”

The new documentary on Netflix called, “What the Health”, has caused a stir across the country as it promotes a plant-based diet. Through statistics and imagery they have turned consumers off of meat. On the other hand, some feel that the documentary left things out and there is another side to the story.

If you are one of the many who are reconsidering their diets, here are some tips to help you transition:

  1. Educate Yourself: The more you know, the more you will commit to a vegan lifestyle. Do it because of the health benefits and not because you think it’s cool.
  2. Substitute: It can be pretty frustrating to hear about all the things you can’t eat. Instead, look at all the things you CAN eat.
  3. Plan Ahead: Find recipes that look good to you. Have at least 3 rotating dishes so you don’t go into this blind.
  4. Keep it Simple: This doesn’t have to be hard. Instead of reaching for the chips, go for some almonds or sliced fruit. Have quick meals ready that you can grab and go like soups and salads.
  5. Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid to ask your vegan friend, doctor and anyone else for help along your journey. This is a journey.

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