Science Sucks the Happy out of Halloween is ruing our ability to have fun gorging on all the Halloween candy our kids are about to rake in.  They say a new study out of Germany indicates you could live 25% longer by kicking glucose (sugar) to the curb.


It’s killing you, according to science.  The researchers surmised that, in healthy people, glucose may have negative effects on life span and when they did a test on worms and make them unable to process glucose, they lived a lot longer.  When they were then returned to their natural environments and allowed to have glucose, the worms generally had no interest because their bodies had adapted to better ways to use energy.

We really hate to tell you this since it might take the fun out of stealing that mini Snickers out of your kid’s stash (and don’t pretend like you don’t do it. . .we ALL do it. . .it’s the only reason we take them Trick-Or-Treating!).

How hard is it to eliminate glucose from your diet?  Well, it’s almost freaking impossible.  In Western cultures, it accounts for up to 20% of your diet and is in virtually EVERYTHING you buy at the grocery store.  And, to make matters worse, those benefits really come when you ELIMINATE, not just REDUCE the amount of glucose you intake.  At least that is what the worms tell us.

So, what do we do from here?  Decide to go for the Pixie Sticks or eat the rouge apple the creepy neighbor across the street was handing out (it will rot in that bag otherwise because no kid will eat that before the mound of chocolate coins)?  We leave that up to you.  We’re just making sure you have all the information before you give a big thumbs DOWN to Science for ruining your Halloween.

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Katherine Ide is the Sr. Director of Product Monetization for Entercom Communications and is in charge of Get My PERKS. In her spare time, she enjoys napping, coffee and searching out great offers for your family and friends.


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