Same Thing, Different Day

Your alarm goes off at 7am. You get dressed, have breakfast and walk the dog. Then, you head out to work. You complete your daily tasks before taking lunch at noon. Afterwards, you are keeping yourself busy and counting down the hours until 5pm when you can head home. You maneuver through rush our traffic and are home by 7pm to make dinner. Next thing you know, it’s 9 pm and it’s time to wind down for the night to get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Sound familiar?

It is easy to get into a rut doing the same thing every day. Since most of your time is spent at work, why not grow your career by advancing your skills and knowledge? Here are some tips from The Balance on getting out of your career rut:

  • Shadow colleagues in your company to learn about different positions. Many companies like to promote from within.
  • Explore lateral and horizontal shifts to expand your experience.
  • Attend classes and training sessions to increase your knowledge.
  • Hold clubs at work to develop knowledge, and share terminology, concepts, and team building with your colleagues.
  • Seek a mentor from a different department that you’d like to explore.
  • Speak with your manager about your career goals, and join forces to create a career development plan.
  • Develop short-term career plans for achieving your long-term career goals.
  • Request one-on-ones meetings with your colleagues and superiors to gather information to help you make educated career decisions.
  • Volunteer to complete the challenging projects and assignments no one wants to do. One of the best ways to advance your career is by identifying an organizational problem and implementing a solution. You will not only increase your visibility within the organization, but you might also expand your skills in the process.
  • Maintain your momentum and commit to career enhancement. Consult the HR department to learn about career development and job opportunities such as tuition reimbursement, professional training etc.

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