Fall Is Our FAVORITE Fun Time!

First, a confession:  fall is the absolute BEST time of the year.  For those of you who worship summer, you obviously are a little touched in the head because there is nothing better than a light sweater on a crisp day with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice walk in the falling leaves.

Yeah, we went all Stars Hollow on you, but for real:  fall is the best.

So, we thought we would take some time and list our favorite fall activities.  A lot of them are free and some you might have to seek out in your area.  Also, because we love fall so much, we always have great fall offers this time of year at Get My PERKS.  Check back every few days for pumpkin patches, fairs, haunted everything and more!

  1. Bake something with cinnamon and nutmeg in it.  You could go all pumpkin roll or stay simple with baked apples or butternut squash.  Just need to fill the house with that SMELL that means fall is here!!
  2. Watch the Geese fly south for the winter.  Most places across the country will have a migration season for geese, butterfly, birds or other things that fill the sky.  A nice blanket in the yard and counting geese can make for some relaxing fun and good memories.
  3. Visit a pumpkin patch and take a whole bunch of pictures of your family.  The good news, it’s usually cheap or free and you just figured out what to put on the holiday card.
  4. Make and fly a kite.  It’s not just for Mary Poppins.  There are tons of instructions online and it’s a fun afternoon for kids.
  5. Enjoy the leaves — but we suggest not jumping into a pile of them.  First, if you live in the right place: snakes.  Second:  bugs.  Third:  sticks.  Fourth: mud.  We’re not really picky, but some in this office have nightmares about piles of leaves.
  6. Bring outside inside.  Pine cones, gourds, leaves, even sticks can make awesome decorations and make you feel all fall inside. Get lost in a corn maze.
  7. We’ve done this.  It’s fun.  We usually have lots to choose from at Get My PERKS.  Do you know some mazes have apps that will help you find your way out.  We know this because, well, we suck at mazes.
  8. Tailgate at the football game.  Even high school games have tailgaiters and it’s pretty awesome to spend time with friends eating hot dogs off the back of a pickup.
  9. Plant bulbs in your garden so you will have something awesome to see come spring.
  10. Go for a hike and enjoy the fall colors, the fall air, the fall friendliness of people who also want to enjoy the fall colors, the fall air and the fall friendliness.
  11. Plan a trip to a haunted house — and make sure you find one that is kid appropriate if you have small children.
  12. Build a bonfire — as long as it is legal where you are — and roast some marshmallows and hot dogs.

What are your favorite fall activities?  Let us know in the comment section!


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