$1,000 Grocery Giveaway

Parents are expected to spend about $83.6 billion this year to send their kids back to school; a 10% increase from last year, according to the National Retail Foundation. Back to school items such as clothes, school supplies and electronics can be a huge expense, not to mention back to school meals.

We are here to help. Your next couple of trips to the grocery store are on us. Between now and August 27th, enter for your chance to win $1,000 in our Grocery Giveaway. Check one thing off your to do list. Enter now!

Ways to save on back-to-school:

  1. Repurpose: Items like scissors and rulers can withstand many school years.
  2. Splurge and scrimp: You may want to splurge on a few items that are important to your kids, like a cool new backpack or high-end calculator. Then scrimp on everything else, opting for low-price and store brand glue sticks, binders and markers.
  3. Wants vs needs: It’s smart to stick to the list and avoid impulse purchases on unnecessary items. Give your kids what they need rather than what they want.
  4. Price hunt: Pick from numerous apps that track prices on costly electronics to ensure you’re getting the best value.
  5. Hold off: Put off purchases on pricey items until after Labor Day when retailers hold sales after the rush is over. Sign up for emails and check social media pages of your kids’ favorite brands, then make your purchases when you find a good deal.
  6. Avoid sales tax: Many states offer a tax-free weekend to help parents save money on back to school. Look online to see if your state participates, and take advantage of the savings.
  7. Secondhand retail: Clothing swaps are a smart choice for parents looking to exchange gently used clothing. Secondhand shops such as Craigslist and eBay are also good options.
  8. A learning opportunity: Give your kids a back-to-school budget. They’ll learn an important lesson about budgeting.

37 thoughts on “$1,000 Grocery Giveaway

  1. my goal for $1000 would be to double my shopping by using coupons and sales ads and give the supplies to my sons family who is struggling to make ends meet.


  2. I could really use the grocery giveaway, being single mother, full time student and a preschool teacher money is super tight and I’m always stressed about money. Winning would take a little stress off mnowing my children and I have food for a while! Thanks


  3. The list has been very helpful to Use when I do the school shopping. I have already started keeping track as to which stores are giving the best prices.


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