Look Into The Light, CarolAnn!

Well, this is pretty darn scary.  The Solar Eclipse is Monday across the United States and there have been thousands of websites selling special viewing glasses that will protect your eyes from damage while viewing this pretty awesome heavenly spectacle.   The problem is:  a LOT of these glasses are fake and could damage your or  your children’s’ sight.

We sold glasses for the eclipse on Get My PERKS. Ours, by the way, have been fully vetted by our Get My PERKS experts in Portland and, if you purchased them, you are going to be just fine.

Here’s how to tell if your eclipse glasses are safe:

  • Should not be scratched, damaged or wrinkled
  • Must have the ISO logo and printed that it meets that safety standard that is written in one of these two ways:  ISO 12312-2 or ISO 12312-2:2015
  • You shouldn’t be able to see anything through the glasses except the sun itself or something comparably bright.
  • If you glance at the sun through your solar filter and find it uncomfortably bright, out of focus or surrounded by a bright haze, they are no good.

Want to know when the eclipse is going to start and end in your area?  Check out NASA‘s website.


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