Don’t Be That Person

Wedding season is still in full swing. I don’t have any weddings to go to this year but I already know of 3 for next year, one of which I am in. Having recently celebrated my anniversary, it got me thinking of all the pet peeves I had during that time. Yes, wedding traditions have changed over the years but there are still some “duh” pointers that I don’t think will  be going anywhere any time soon. Here are some tips to keep you from being that person:

  1. This may be obvious to some but never wear white or anything remotely close to white; this is for all wedding related events. There are a million colors in the rainbow, pick another color! Note: Some brides may not care about guests wearing white but many do so error on the side of caution. I won’t say any names but someone wore white to every event I had, shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding. I was annoyed but I didn’t let it ruin my day.
  2. RSVP on time! The couple has enough to worry about. They don’t need to add following up with you to their to do list. It only takes 30-seconds to fill out some info and seal the envelope. Can’t find a mailbox? Pop into a nearby store and ask them to stick it in with their outgoing mail. Or, if it really comes down to it, at least call and express your regrets. Communication is key! Having a destination wedding, it was very frustrating to have to track people down. To make it easier, our RSVP was online since everyone is attached to their phones there are no excuses! Everything worked out; we had 100 people at our wedding in Jamaica!
  3. Don’t complain about where you’re sitting. Even if you are close enough with the couple to ask who you are sitting with at the reception ahead of time, don’t complain about it. Again, they have enough to worry about like where to sit feuding family members. They don’t need to play, ‘who’s your bestie’ with you. You are at that table for a reason, even if you don’t know what it is. Moving you means moving others making more work for the couple. Just don’t do it. I shut any complaining down real quick!
  4. Pace yourself. A lot of weddings offer their guests open bar, which is awesome so of course you want to take advantage. But, pace yourself! It’s going to be a long night. You don’t want to end up nodding off before dinner has even been served. (Yes, I had a guest do this. Needless to say his wife was not pleased).
  5. Don’t bring randoms. This is a special day. Don’t bring some random person you met as your plus one. Make it a family member, best friend or someone really close to you. I had a guest bring a random to my wedding and they ended up fighting the whole time. Don’t be that person.
  6. Know who is getting married! If you are a plus one at a wedding ask for the names of the people getting married and to see a picture. Of course you can tell who the couple is at the wedding itself, but the last thing you need is to see the bride or groom in their street clothes and not know it was them. The day before my wedding, a guest’s fiance, who we have met one other time, didn’t recognize my husband! Not a good look for her.


The moral of the story is, don’t be that person.


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