Are You Stuck?

So, every week, we put our heads together and talk blog ideas for Get My PERKS.  We’re pretty creative people but this week:  crickets.

We were stuck. in. the. mud.  No new ideas, no creative concepts, nothing that we hadn’t already done.

Then, we decided:  everyone gets stuck sometimes.  What if we write about that?

Since we were stuck, we really didn’t have a choice but to go with the “get unstuck” idea.  So, here we are. . . writing a blog. . . about getting your brain unstuck. . .when our brains are hip deep in the mud of uninspired content.  Here is our five (wait, that might be a little ambitious since we have NO idea right now. . .let’s make it four) step plan to get ourselves out of the mud:

  1. Take a break.  We are SO FOCUSED on coming up with blog ideas — that we just CAN’T think of blog ideas.  So, we are going on a distraction spree for 20 minutes.  It’s important to limit the time you allow yourself to be distracted.  For some of us it is a quick nap in a dark office, others choose to do a little online surfing (may we suggest Get My PERKS??  Come on, we had to do it) and one of us took a walk outside for a few minutes.  More of us would have done that, but we were wearing the wrong shoes.  After our break, we all felt better and came up with two new ideas.  BUT, we have months of content to fill — so we needed more.
  2. Break it up.  We sat in the room and stared at each other.  It took about 30 seconds for us to get off topic and to start veering off into other conversations (what’s for lunch, who is getting lunch, what did we have for lunch last week).  So, we decided to separate and email our ideas to the group by 5pm.  That took some pressure off and gave us all the ability to find inspiration on our own.
  3. Don’t be afraid to suck.  Frankly, some of the best ideas come from some of the worst ideas.  If you voice those bad ideas, someone else might be able to craft that idea into something that works.  That is what happened with our idea of the golf card.  It started as something totally different (and frankly horrible) but after voicing it, the team came up with a solid way to give people lots of great golf at exclusive courses for a reasonable price.  Now, we have lots and lots of our Get My PERKS teams creating curated golf experiences.  Now, that doesn’t mean every muddy rock can be shined and turned to gold.  Most will get tossed back into the mud BUT when you hit gold — it’s all worth it!
  4. Just START.  It’s pretty simple to say if you just START the project, you might find inspiration along the way.  Frankly, the fact that you are reading point 4 of this blog means the “just start” point works.

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