Football is Coming

While Game of Thrones is what you are probably obsessed with right now, more than Winter is Coming. . . FOOTBALL IS COMING.  Are you ready?

  • August 3: Hall of Fame Weekend
  • August 9:  Pre-Season Week 1
  • August 26: College football begins
  • September 7: NFL season begins

We have several types of Football households on our Get My PERKS team.  We have the Gung-Ho House which is all six members of the house are Cowboys fans (in that rabid kind of Cowboy fan way).  There is the Pull Along Home where one person is the rabid fan and the rest of the fam just tags along.  One family is split down the middle with a Ravens fan and a Steelers fan (how they got married we will never know, but there are certainly times they don’t speak to each other just to keep the peace).  There is even one house where everyone loves Washington. . . except the 5 year old who love Green Bay (because green is his favorite color).

One thing they ALL agree on is football means food and fun.  the hard part of football is making room for it in your busy week.  Here are some helpful tips on making room for the game.

  1.  Make room for the game. . like actual room.  This is important if you have the “jumping” fan.  The guy (and we use that term in a gender-less way) who suddenly jumps up in either celebration or frustration.  This person is usually a danger to delicate furniture and low-hanging lighting fixtures.  One of our families sends the family to the basement TV room for football games because “everything in the basement can be destroyed.”
  2. Make room for the game in the family schedule.  Those guys who normally go to the flea market with you or enjoy a hike or like to cook will probably pass during the game, so make sure you have a plan to swap duties or move duties so the fan can watch the game without the rest of the family and house suffering.
  3. Make room for the game in the fridge.  Yup, your shopping list should change a little for the game.  Those full, high-impact dinners that take 3 hours to make might go unappreciated.  That is why we suggest making game day quick and easy foods (even healthy ones) using grills, crock pots and (our new favorite) the electric pressure cookers.
  4. Make room for the game with the kids.  Sometimes, the kids don’t want to hang out and watch football for 10-12 hours on a Sunday.  If you DO want to watch, you might want to make plans for the kids.  If they are little kids, make a play area in the room you watch football so you can stay connected and they can still be in the action with you.  Bring little baggies of snacks into the room, too, to limit the number of times you have to leave the room.
  5. Make room for the game in your personal relationships.   Sounds like a no brainer but if Football has moved in, your personal relationships might take a beating.  Make sure you are making room for closeness and connection on days when the pigskin is not flying.

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