Do You REALLY Need Special Glasses For The Solar Eclipse?

In one simple word. . . . YES.  Wait.  It should read more like:


It’s not an old wives tale, it is science and if you don’t want to see a dark crescent shape for the next six months to sixty years, you’ll make sure you are prepared for the eclipse on August 21st and invest in some cheap but effective eye protection for the big event.

You might be thinking a good pair of sunglasses will do the trick.  You’d be wrong.  Here are some of the things NASA says WON’T work to keep you from eye damage:

  • sunglasses of any kind
  • color film
  • medical X-ray film
  • smoked glass
  • floppy disks (if you could find one)

The good news is you can find the right kind of glasses a pretty good price (check out this five-pack of glasses from Get My PERKS for only $10).

safety_map_bwEveryone in the contiguous United States will have at least some view of the eclipse.  You can see the people to the left who will get the BEST view.  NASA says the only time it is safe to look at the sun without protective eye wear is when it is fully eclipsed.  BUT, that won’t happen for most of us — so eye wear is critical to make sure you can enjoy this major event without injuring yourself.

And, after you buy them, put them in a drawer somewhere.  You’ll need them again on April 8, 2024 for the next time we have a major solar eclipse in the United States.


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