Hit the Open Road + Travel Trips & Essentials

Your best 1-tank trip revealed! Where are you headed to next?

  • Weekend in the city
  • Swimming at the beach
  • Camping at the lake
  • Skiing in the mountains
  • Cruising at the Amusement Park
  • Sipping at the Vineyard

This is the last week to take this quiz to find out and automatically be entered for your chance to win $50 in gas.

Be one of 14 people to win. Good luck!

Travel Tips for Your Next Trip

  1. Get some sleep! — Nothing is worse than driving long distances before a trip. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Eat something! – Skip those truck stops and pack yourself some healthy snacks for the long drive. Healthy food means you can get by on smaller snacks like carrots and peanuts.
  3. Drink something! – We don’t mean alcohol but good ‘ol H2O. This will give you maximum energy. The downside is you will need to make more frequent bathroom stops.
  4. Plan ahead! – You don’t need to follow your itinerary verbatim but having a plan keeps you more organized and less stressed. Where will you stop? Where is the nearest restroom? Closest restaurant? Planning ahead will also keep you from getting lost!
  5. Sit up straight! Nothing is worse than being in a card with a sore back and neck. Sitting up will put less strain on your body and will keep you from tensing up.
  6. Stay entertained! – Make the trip go by faster by playing a game or blasting some tunes. Both are ideal when in a car full of kids!


Always be prepared with these road trip essentials:

  1. Inflatable Travel Pillow — This innovative travel device aims to provide maximum comfort and support to the head and neck during long trips. To use simply inflate the pillow and place against the back tray of the passenger’s seat directly in front of you. You can rest your face and chin on pillow to rest the eyes or you can slip your small tablets and mobile devices onto the base for easy viewing.
  2. Travel Light — Whether it’s from changing a tire or camping outdoors, you never know when you will be in dire need of a light. With the easy to use and portable design The Travel Light is the perfect addition to any outdoor event. Specially designed for all types of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, mountain climbing, car emergencies and more. The high capacity lithium battery has a working time of up to 6-8 hours and fully charges in just four hours.
  3. High Definition Dash Cam – Capture video and photo in seconds with the Dash Cam. The lightweight design easily mounts via suction holder and includes a built in speaker and microphone. Supports PC Camera, 4X digital zoom, motion detection, built in stereo and infrared night vision. Powered by a built in 600 mAh lithium rechargeable battery or the included car charger. Captures high quality images and records 1080P HD video. In case of emergency, let the Dash Cam be your eyewitness on the road. Never take another trip without this nifty car gadget.

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