Summer FUNsentials

Well, it’s official.  Summer is here and we want it to be amazing.  Vacations are great, but there are plenty of warm summer evenings that you can spend outside with family and friends having fun.

We’ve gathered just a few things we think would make for some fun for your family  this summer.


The Firepit is our first choice for summer fun. You can sit around it with a cool drink (or warm one depending on the weather), roast marshmallows or just set the mood in a romantic or inspiring way.  This one starts at $113 and comes in a few different styles.


Of course, if you are outside, you will probably also need this handy bug zapper to get rid of pesky flies and (worse) mosquitoes.  It’s only $8.99 and you can give it to that ONE person who won’t go outside because they attract all the bugs.  See the Bug Zapper here.


We chose this beach blanket because it is round — and you don’t see that often and has a unique style.  It’s perfect for finding your spot on a crowded beach because it will stand out but it is also great for spreading out on the grass in the backyard so the baby can crawl and have fun.  It’s only $16.99 and you can buy it here.


We were skeptical of this product at first.  But one of our product testers took it to a massive waterpark and spent the day with her phone and cash in it’s sealed pocket.  Both the phone and the cash stayed dry all day and we’re now believers.  You can pick from seven colors and it’s only $8.99.


If you’re going on a picnic, to the beach or on a weekend road trip, this collapsible, leak-proof cooler comes in really handy.  It holds a lot and when you pack up to go home, it won’t take up a lot of room or be hard to clean out.  It’s only $20.99 and you can get it here.

There are some great games you can play with the kids or get the cousins together and give them something to do outside to make a long summer afternoon pass in a flash.  The best part, these are low tech items that mean kids will actually have to put down the screens and do something FUN!

rocketsLaunch rockets for only $9.99:  reusable and fun to see who can go higher!



cornholePlay Cornhole with these giant cans of your favorite drink.  Only $89.99 for hours of fun!



dicegamePlay games with this giant outdoor dice set.  Instructions are provided but you could make up your own as well.  Only $25.99 and comes with a handy carrying case.


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