The Father’s Day Spending Gap

A Forbes article from 2013 said people spend 40% less on Father’s Day than they do on Mother’s Day.  Are moms just more economical when it comes to spending for dads?  Are dads more extravagant?  Is it the kids that need to shower mom with more than dad?

Could it be that dad just doesn’t need or want as much?

Whatever the reason, it might be time to close the gap — not with how much is spent but with the quality of gift you give to dad on Father’s Day.

It’s a funny thing about dads . . . they are usually harder to shop for and harder to please.  According to our very UN-scientifc office poll, dad has a set list of things he needs — and that is what you need to buy — because unnecessary things or frivolous things just aren’t what he really wants.  If that is true for your dad or the dad in your life, put on hold the idea that he will want that exotic pen with the engraving . . . and get him a gift certificate to his favorite hardware store so he can buy that drill he has needed forever.

Now, not every dad is the same and some do want the magical, but many just want the practical.  Sometimes the BEST gift is the gift they want, not the one they deserve.  So, if you have burgers at the house on Father’s Day and not dinner at a 4-star restaurant, that’s just fine.  If he gets a day of golf instead of a trip to the beach for 3 days, that’s fine, too.

We asked our dads what they wanted for Father’s Day.  We did it as both a test to see how well we knew our dads and also to help us prove this point . . . and also to get ideas for Father’s Day.  If you were to ask  your dad — would his answer match your idea?

Gary wanted to get his dad a new rare stamp for his collection.  Gary’s dad wanted Gary to come over and help him finish the roof on the shed and then have a couple of beers.

Terry wanted to get her husband a fancy dinner at a new Italian restaurant.  Terry’s husband wanted a day with the kids to ride on go carts and eat hot dogs.

Katy’s wanted to get her dad  something new to watch or read but he really wants a subscription to a dog treat box . . .which she has gotten him every year for three years but it’s his favorite thing!

So, what does your dad want?  You know he deserves a lot — but he might want just a little something that says, “I know you and love you dad. . . and thanks for being you.”

You might find some good ideas at Get My PERKS that would make your Father’s Day exactly the day he wants.


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