Summer Housekeeping Checklist

With the official start of summer past us it’s time to make sure our homes are ready for those dog days of summer that are ahead of us. Here are a few things to check to make sure your home is summer ready!

Keep the sun out – Lower blinds or close curtains during the day. Keep the sun out and the cool in. Fans only work if they are pointed at you so there is no need to have them on when you are not in the room, so turn them off when you leave a room. AC maintenance is important to keep your cooling system running smoothly all summer. Make sure your unit is running properly and efficiently, keep it clean and have an HVAC pro take a look at it.

Windows – Check the caulk around your windows. Proper window treatments can help you save on your energy bill AND – it’s a fairly simple, inexpensive project that you can do should your windows need a caulking treatment. Grab a caulking gun and spend some time practicing before you take it to the windows.

Check the decks and patios – This is the time to check your deck for any loose boards or holes. Loose boards are a hazard and a simple fix. Or maybe a fresh coat of paint of finisher is needed. Your patio has gone through the tough winter months, give it a good clean up. Bring out the patio furniture and check for any repairs that may be needed and make sure it is summer ready! Keep your patio area hazard free and sparkling clean for the months of sun.

Clean Your Gutters – Now that winter and the weather with it has passed, it’s time to check your gutters. While it sounds simple to make sure your gutters are cleaned out, it does involve climbing a ladder and maybe getting on the roof, so you may want to hire a professional for this one.

Clean your grill – Chances are you haven’t touched your grill in months (mine was covered in cobwebs) so it is need of a good clean. Remove the dust and cobwebs from the outside and then tackle the inside with a good cleaner. You can purchase a heavy duty grill cleaner at most drug stores or hardware stores and use it with a grill brush to give it a fresh clean. Then you’re all set to grill for your friends and family.

Spruce up the lawn/garden – Summer is a great time to plant fresh, seasonal flowers. And it can be a relatively inexpensive way to bring a fresh look to your home. While you are at, make sure your bushes and trees are trimmed. Especially any fruit and vegetable trees that can be prey to stray creatures and insects.

Pest Control – Speaking of insects, the summer months bring out the bugs and creepy crawlers that love to chew on some of our plants and vegetables. Depending on the size of your yard, you may want consider combating the pest yourself BUT for this one we do recommend you call a pro. You can hire a professional pest control expert that will come to your home and spray your yard to help keep the bugs out. And you might want to invest in a few citronella candles and body bug repellent.

These are just a few tips to help you get your home ready for a fun summer ahead. Do you have any summer home tips to share? We hope you have a fun a safe summer!



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