It’s Graduation Time!

I always associate the month of June as the graduation month. With a big family such as mine, we end up with someone graduating almost every year. This year it’s my nephew and my sister asked me to help her with a graduation party. So I started the party research and I also started thinking about a unique gift, not the traditional card with money, so I also started gift shopping. Here are some of my favorite ideas for a graduation party and my favorite gift choices.

-Words of Wisdom Jar: I love this simple yet clever idea – Grab a large glass container and decorate it with bows and other such crafts. Cut several pieces of color paper and leave out pens for guest to write their Words of Wisdom to the graduate. Or grab a new Jenga game and leave out the pieces for guest to write on them. Simple and meaningful.

-Picture Booth: Who doesn’t love a photo booth? Grabs some props at the party store and a chalkboard for the background! Keep is school themed – we did class awards and had our family members take pics holding a small chalkboard with titles like: class clown and most likely to succeed. Create a hashtag (#NickOsGrad17) and have attendees post with the hashtag to a social media site like Instagram.

-Print out photos of the graduate on sticky paper and stick the pictures on cups or other items. Or print out all the graduate’s school pictures from the years and place them all over.

-Smart Cookie Table: We had a cake but we created a “smart cookie” table. We ordered several different cookies from the local bakery and decorated the table with decorations and renamed the cookies after some of my nephew’s favorite teachers. We also included gummy worms that we called – book worms and ring pops for class rings.

We had the party outside a decked out the area with tablecloths and balloons that were the school’s colors. We had a drink area, utensils wrapped up like diplomas and plenty of food and music.

It was a successful party with plenty of dancing and celebration of the life ahead for the graduate.

The Gift . . . I wanted to get my nephew a graduation gift that was practical yet different. The card with money is probably what every young man wants BUT I wanted to think outside of tradition.

I thought about what I needed but wouldn’t buy for myself when I was that age. And I quickly thought luggage! I knew he was going on a big Europe trip so new luggage was probably a nice to have but not a need to have.

I bought him a set of luggage and a map of the world to signify the earth is his to see!

AND . . . he LOVED it! He said his luggage was starting to get old looking and one of the zippers wasn’t working properly but that luggage wasn’t anything he thought to spend his money on!  Success!

There are many ideas out there to make a great graduation party and gifts to make your graduate happy! These are just a few of my favorites. What are your graduation party and gift ideas?


To all the graduates . . . We wish you well . . . the world is yours!!!




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