My First DIY Project

I keep hearing the term DIY – Do It Yourself – projects. At almost any time of the day you can channel surf on TV and find some type of home improvement programming. There are apps like Pintrest where you can get lost in time searching crafty things. There is also YouTube where you can get a tutorial on almost anything you can think of.

So I decided to take on a DIY project. There are PLENTY of things I could do around my home. I need new windows, the trimming around my garage door and a fence needs some attention and as a homeowner you almost always feel like something needs to be fixed around the house . . . at least I do. I wanted to try something new . . . I wanted to do a DIY project. To say I have a crafty bone in my body is a stretch. So while I am NOT crafty, I am ambitious and I love those YouTube tutorials.

I decided to take on a simple project. In my bathroom I have two stand-alone wooden cabinets that have seen better days, but I thought with a little paint they would look brand new! I did a Google search on painting cabinets. I know the basics (dip a paint brush in paint and go to it) but I wanted to make sure I was doing it properly.  I logged on and did a search on -how to paint cabinets- and I came across chalk paint. Chalk paint goes on just as it sounds and gives a “distressed look”. I didn’t necessary know I wanted the distressed look when I took to the internet but once I found chalk pain I was sold!  Then I discovered this type of paint requires little prep work. No sanding involved? I just have to do a simple wipe down and start painting? I’m in! Then, it got even easier . . . chalk paint comes in a spray paint form! I wasn’t necessarily looking for the easy way out but I was looking for the most cost efficient way to do things. If I use the spray paint it eliminates buying paint brushes and other things as such and the price for a spray can is less than the can of paint. An all over win!

So I decided to make my way to Lowe’s to get supplies. I’m not sure why but I have always felt a little intimated walking into these type of home improvement or hardware stores. Perhaps it’s my lack of knowledge on all things home improvement or perhaps it’s the amount of items in these stores! These stores are loaded with home improvement ideas! Walking through I started to see things I didn’t even know I needed! As I walked around under the bright fluorescent store lights I made my way to the paint isle on my hunt for chalk paint. Every color you can imagine stood before me! I must have spent 30 minutes in the isle until I found the perfect gray color I was looking for. I grabbed tape, gloves and 5 cans of paint.

And off I went with my minimal tools and paint. I got home and laid down a mat outside and brought out the cabinets. Did my prep work – wiped down the cabinet clean. I taped up the glass window and I started spraying. In less than 10 minutes I had applied a coat of paint and I instantly revived my cabinet! Mind you . . . after 10 minutes of holding a spray can in that position your hand does start to hurt a little but a little pain was worth my new cabinet!

I applied one more coat of pain and let it dry overnight and viola   . . . a cabinet I would of paid money for stood before me. I felt a little accomplishment in myself that I completed my DIY project. I must admit though, I took the easy way. It wasn’t as challenging as I originally thought it would be and the second I saw I could take a shortcut on a few things I took it! BUT it also encouraged me to take on a few more painting projects. Next up . . . putting some life into my patio furniture! I encourage you to take a look around your home and see what you can put some life into! Do you have any DIY tips? Or share your favorite project!




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