Binge Watching Your Favorite Shows

After a long, stressful week at work sometimes it’s best to unwind with a weekend of television.  What’s better at helping you forget about your daily stresses than watching the insane situations that characters on your favorite television program get into and realizing you don’t have it that bad!  Spend the weekend with yourself or make it a gathering of family and friends.  Grab your remotes, snacks, and in some cases, the tissue box!  Here are few of our favorite shows to binge watch:

Designated Survivor – ABC
Kiefer Sutherland stars in this dramatic thriller about Tom Kirkman, a cabinet member who suddenly finds himself appointed President of the United States after a catastrophic attack on the US Capital.  This show is full of suspense and will leave you on the edge of your seat pondering who the bad guy really is.

Grey’s Anatomy – ABC
The story centers on Meredith Grey and the doctors and residents that make up Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.  Each episode finds the characters dealing with life-or-death situations of their patients while also injecting humor and life lessons into the monologue.  Grey’s takes you on a true roller coaster ride of emotions each week.  From inspirational and sometimes quirky patients, to the tangled web of love and lies the doctors and residents weave, to surgeries you’ve probably never even heard of before…Grey’s is packed with drama.

Nashville – CMT/Hulu
Nashville follows the lives of Rayna James and Juliette Barnes as they navigate through their music careers, love, and life in general.  The show is of course set in Music City and features many cameos from famous country singers as well as great original songs performed by various cast members.  Nashville has it all:  music, passion, suspense, drama.  Psst ladies…lots of nice male eye candy too!  The show recently moved from network television to CMT (you can also find all episodes on Hulu).

Orange is The New Black – Netflix
This show was adapted from the best-selling memoir.  After an old relationship with a drug runner catches up to Piper, she must trade in her life on the outside for an orange jumpsuit and navigate through the ins and outs of Federal Women’s Prison.  This show can be quite raunchy but it’s also filled with humor and very odd situations so it does make for a good laugh!

Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix
In this dark comedy, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star as Sheila and Joel, ordinary husband & wife realtors.  Sheila undergoes a change of epic proportions that sends them down a very random path of death and destruction.  The first time we saw the commercial for this we literally thought it was a new diet fad…thankfully it’s definitely not!  The show itself is very entertaining and filled with humor, however the situations are definitely not something that we could ever see actually happening.

Shades of Blue – ABC
Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez star as detectives in a tight-knit Brooklyn crew of dirty cops.  Lopez is trapped by the FBI and forced to provide information about her own crew.  She must walk the fine line between loyalty and honor of her “brothers” and love and protection of her daughter and her future.  The show can be a little hard to follow at times but it’s packed with suspense and many unexpected twists and turns.

Stranger Things – Netflix
Set in the 1980s, Winona Ryder stars in Netflix’s latest smash hit.  The show follows the disappearance of a young boy and the monstrous chain of events it launches in the small town.  This show is a must see for any 80s Sci-Fi fanatics.  The first season is available on Netflix right now and second season will be released on October 31, 2017.

This is Us – NBC
Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia star as Rebecca and Jack in this unique series that follows a family through the years as their paths cross and their stories intertwine.  The best part about this show is that it portrays the characters in a raw and real form.  It’s very easy to find an emotional connection with the characters which makes the show all that more realistic.  You’ll definitely want to have a box of tissues handy. Bonus for the ladies, Milo Ventimiglia will make you swoon!


What are some of your favorite shows?




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