One Good Thing: Picking A Moment A Day To Celebrate

It has been a long day.  Once the kids get home and everyone is in the house, the mood doesn’t improve.  It seems everyone had a rough day.

Is that common to your home?  It does happen and sometimes, might feel like it happens frequently.  It also feels like once you start that slide, it’s hard to reverse it.

When our son was about 11, we noticed he had harder and harder times at school with other kids.  He is an amazing guy but his default setting is usually more negative than positive.  As teenage hormones (which start WAY before teenage years) started, it didn’t get better.

As a family, we decided we would make a better effort to identify something in each day that was positive.  This was to prove to our son and ourselves that no day is 100% bad even if something in the day makes you feel that way.  That is when we started ONE GOOD THING.

Each night, before bed, we take 2-3 minutes and everyone has to identify and talk about ONE GOOD THING that happened in the day.  Some days, it is a lot harder than others to identify the ONE GOOD THING and we don’t except answers like, “well, I didn’t break a leg today.”  It has to be a real thing that was good.

After almost five years of ONE GOOD THING there has never been a day where we could not identify at least ONE GOOD THING for each of us.  Sometimes, it is a small thing like when my husband had complications from an emergency surgery and the hospital couldn’t bring down his temperature.  It was terrifying but my ONE GOOD THING that night was the extra pillow the nurse brought me that helped me sleep better in the plastic death chair near his bed.

In our family, we’ve made chore lists that got abandoned, made resolutions that never make it past January 31st and made promises that somehow get forgotten — but ONE GOOD THING is something we have religiously stuck with for years.  It helps us focus on what good others do for us and what good we can do for others.

So, tonight, before you all go to bed, try it out and see if just identifying ONE GOOD THING helps you have a better night’s sleep and a better chance at a happier day tomorrow.


11cc424Katherine Ide is the Senior Director of Product Monetization at Entercom Communications.  Her roles include managing Get My PERKS, Bid on PERKS and other products that connect radio listeners to unique experiences.  Katherine is a wife, has an amazing stepson and is expecting a new arrival in March 2017.



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