Having Fun on a Rainy Day

Rain, Rain — don’t go away!

We have ideas on how to play!

Rainy days and Mondays don’t always have to get you down.  In fact, there is plenty to do on a rainy day that might just make them days you look forward to the most.

On those dreary days, you can usually find something to do yourself, but if you have kids, it might be more difficult to keep them occupied when they can’t go out and play.  In fact, even if they don’t normally want to go outside, it seems like the rain just makes them think they want to — and that could lead to the feeling of being cooped up and bored.

Next time you have a rainy day and some active kids, try some of the suggestions below (provided by the awesome Get My PERKS parents in over 27 cities around the country):

#1 Get Out and Explore Your Local Museums

Terri in Austin says it is a go-to for her and her family to explore a new or favorite museum when it is rainy. Their family (with three kids under 12) make it a regular habit to alternate museums based on each child’s interest.  Terri, in fact, just took advantage of the 50% off admission to the Austin Aquarium from Get My PERKS.

#2 Have an Indoor Picnic

Eating in the living room might not be new to your family but Cherlene in Gainesville says they make it a special event and pack a picnic (blankets included) for rainy lunches in the living room.  They keep the TV off and play games while eating their rainy-day picnic.

#3 Movie Marathon

Katy in Northeastern Pennsylvania says her older kids love a movie marathon on rainy days.  They pick a theme (super heroes, movies with Tom Hanks, movies with Elves) and hunker down to marathon some fun.  While it’s a lot of TV time, it’s a lot of together time, too, since the movies are always loved and familiar and usually turn into background while the kids play card games or chat.

#4 Get Out and Play

David in San Diego says he doesn’t waste the rain and when it starts to fall, he bundles the kids in rain gear and the go out and splash in it.  He says he sometimes gets looks from parents who are worried that his kids will get sick but they love the rare exposure to the wet and wonderful world of warm, rainy San Diego days.  Supervised rainy play gives them stories and memories that last a lifetime, especially if you’re involved in their adventures.

#5 Cooking Lessons

Abigail in Portland keeps her kids busy on rainy days by involving them in special cooking projects.  She says she always wanted kids who knew how to take care of themselves when they left home and cooking is a fun, yet educational, activity for just that purpose.  She has 4 kids and the two older (11, 9) usually help with a special meal while the younger ( 7, 6) help with baking a special dessert.  That way, everyone gets some mom time and the younger and older are not in each other’s hair all day.

#6 Special Cleaning – Special Rewards

Nathan in Georgia says he works a lot and his older kids are often home alone.  On rainy days, he has a special chore list that they can tackle for special rewards (including cash or special outings).  The chores are not normal and are often interesting, too.  He once made his 14 year old daughter organize family pictures that had been piling up in a kitchen drawer.  When he came home, he found she had not only organized them in files, she had also found empty frames and added some beautiful, forgotten family photos to their display.  On another occasion, he gave his 16 year old son the chore of researching items in a coin collection that might be valuable to sell for family vacation money.

What does your family do to spend a rainy day in a productive way?  Let us know in the comments.


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