Best Places to Travel in March

March is less than a week away and I’m already planning out my vacation for the year.  Summer is the high season for most destinations. According to Travel & Leisure, here are the top places to travel to in March:

  • New Orleans, New York and Washington D.C all have seasoned events happening in March as well as a great food scene.
  • Wine lovers should head to Portugal you’ll have the vineyards to yourself!
  • Buenos Aires is one of the cheapest places to travel to in March.
  • Sydney, Australia is also reasonable at this time of year.

Travel Channel adds to this list noting:

  • New Hampshire and Vermont as great winter sport destinations.
  • St. Bart’s as a great Caribbean getaway away from the crowds.
  • Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and more hold some of the best college basketball towns.
  • Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in Boston, Chicago or Ireland.
  • Iconic festivals in Austin, TX.

Where are you headed next month?




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