Science Says To Get Away This Weekend!

If you are tired, lethargic, not interested in your world or just plain bored — it’s time for a weekend getaway.  The good news?  Science says it is good for your health to go, explore and have some fun.

Psychosomatic Medicine (The Official Journal of the American Psychosomatic Society) published an article from scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine that says your little mini-vacation could do a world of good to your health and your general outlook on life.

They studied 1,400 people and found that, instead of cutting back on activity when you are stressed, you need to increase them (but just the fun ones).  If you do, it could make you feel better and even make you lose weight.

So, that is a pretty compelling argument to convince your family, your significant other or your best bud to take a mini vacation with you this weekend. Of course, if you are someone who might never do this kinda thing, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Theme it out:  make it a museum weekend or a fun food weekend and then plan around your theme.
  2. Don’t stress about the planning — so what if you just stay in a hotel room and veg for a day and a half and hang out by the pool.  The idea is to have fun and relax, no matter what that looks like.
  3. Make sure everyone has at least one thing that is special to them.  If you aren’t a fan of museums but would love a good massage — make sure you get what you need, and you make allowances for someone who might not have the same passions as you.
  4. Don’t over-schedule.  The reason you are getting away is to RELAX and if you have an over-scheduled life already, you’re not doing much different — just in a different location.  So, make a plan, but make it a loose plan that makes sense if you want to change at a moment’s notice.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time to get back home, unpack and get ready for the week ahead.  The last thing you want is to be exhausted on Monday from your “relaxing” weekend.
  6. Turn off your devices.  So much of our lives are now missed while we obsess about what is happening on that little screen.  Turn it off, even if for a few hours, and give yourself a break from needing to be up to date on every last world development.

Your mini-vacation doesn’t have to be 100 miles away, it could happen in your own backyard.  Just TREAT it like a vacation and stay away from laundry and chores.  If you want some good ideas on fun things to do around your area this weekend, we might just have it at Get My PERKS.


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