Protecting Your Pet During The Colder Months

Although spring is less than a month away, it’s never too late to protect your 4 legged friend from the harshness of winter. To protect your pet, keep in mind the following advice:

  • To keep your home from getting too dry. Use a humidifier and towel dry your pet paying special attention to the paws. After every walk, wipe them down to remove chemicals, salt, snow and other debris that can irritate them. Rub Vaseline on their paws to protect against the elements. Even booties can help!
  • Longer hair animals fair better in the winter. Don’t shave your pet during cold months as their winter coat keeps them warm just like your winter coat keeps you warm.
  • Limit the amount of bathes you give your pet during colder months. If you must bathe them, use a moisturizing rise to keep from removing essential oils that keep their skin from flaking.
  • Give your pet a cozy bed away from heating vents and drafts. If you can bring your pet inside for the winter that would be best. If it’s too cold for you outside it’s too cold for them!
  • Feeding your pet a little more in the winter will give them energy to keep warm and water will keep their coats hydrated.
  • Consider using pet friendly products to avoid poisoning!





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