Survive and Enjoy Outdoor Music Festivals This Summer

Outdoor music festivals are designed to be fun, but sometimes — when it is hot and thousands of other people are crushing around you — it can be hard to have fun.  Since summer concert season is coming soon, we wanted to give you our best tips and tricks to not only survive but ENJOY your experience.

Our Survival guide is based on years and years of creating amazing concert events with our radio stations.  And, of course, if you read our survival guide and decide you can take on some awesome entertainment, check out Get My PERKS often for some of our best new shows this summer.

  1. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.  Can you bring lawn chairs?  Can you bring your own water?  Are bags allowed?  These questions can save you a lot of time lugging things back and forth to the car.  Check the event’s website or the venue’s rules to see what you can and can’t bring.
  2. DON’T FORGET YOUR IMPORTANT INFO.  Before you leave the house, make sure you have your money, your ID, your insurance cards and debit cards.  You want to make sure you are covered if the unexpected happens.
  3. PREPARE FOR BAD CELL COVERAGE.  It’s pretty common for large outdoor venues to have HORRIBLE cell coverage and your phone could easily die searching for coverage.  If you are with a group, it doesn’t hurt to actually WRITE DOWN phone numbers so you will at least be able to borrow someone’s phone who has better coverage than yours and find your friends.
  4. WET NAPS — NO KIDDING.  Every portable toilet has toilet paper.  That is every one except the one you stepped into.  Having a backup plan could save you a lot of gross moments both in and out of the potty.
  5. WRITE DOWN WHERE YOU PARKED.  When it is really hot and you’ve been outside a long time and screaming to your favorite songs — it is easy to forget where you parked.  Write it down before you get out of the car and put it in your wallet.
  6. SUNSCREEN because no one is immune to the sun.  You can even get sunscreen wipes now which are easier to carry than a tube.
  7. A BANDANA will keep your head protected or, wetted down and placed around your neck, can keep you cool.  It’s multi-use and could be the difference between suffering and happiness.
  8. MEET UP SPOT.  If you are with a group — arrange for a meet up spot and time in case you get separated.  That will save you months of walking and looking for someone who looks like everyone else.

What other great suggestions do you have about enjoying your next outdoor music festival?  Let us know in the comments!


One thought on “Survive and Enjoy Outdoor Music Festivals This Summer

  1. Always carry a temporary plastic rain gear, you can use it in a sudden storm or use it to sit on if need be or improvise as a clean toilet seat, I keep a couple in my bag always with the wetnaps!


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