Spam is Now Texting You…And How To Stop It.

It was 4:35am and my husband’s text alert rang out.  Was someone sick?  Was something wrong at work?  Nope.  It was SPAM.  And at 5:15am, it happened again.

SPAM is now pretty successfully blocked in many major email services, so it was just a matter of time before the low-life scammers found a way to get it sent to your phone.

And, that’s the thing.  If you asked to receive text alerts from a reputable business, no problem.  That honest company won’t knowingly send you a text when you should be fast asleep.  SPAMMERS don’t care if you are asleep since they are most likely breaking the law just by sending you the message.  They are playing the odds that one or two suckers will activate on their text and that makes it all worth it.

So, if you’re getting them, too. . .how do you stop it?

Most carriers have ways to stop a lot of them but just like you see them creep into your inbox, you can’t stop them all.  And, some companies might charge you to add people to a block sender list.  If you have an Android phone, there are apps that can help, too.

As the sophistication of the SPAMMERS attempts to catch you improves, so do most carriers’ attempts to stop them.  Go to your carriers website to see if there is a way to cut down on how many SPAM messages you receive.





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