Best Buys for President’s Day Weekend

We’re happy to celebrate our President’s but, frankly, this holiday is a lot about the sales opportunities we have.  So, what’s best to buy for President’s Day weekend?  We’ve asked the experts and trolled the ads to find your best bets:

WINTER CLOTHES — yes, the season is ending, but this weekend is the best when it comes to stocking up on winter clothes that you will love to finish out the season and add to next season.  Stores are clearing out for spring and need to get rid (at some fantastic discounts) of their winter stock.

BED, BATH, BEYOND — Appliances are usually better around Memorial Day (although some stores will still be pushing them at 20%-40% off) but many of the big retail stores will have good sales on things like curtains, towels, bedding sets, small kitchen appliances and more.  This might be a great weekend to redecorate.

SMALL ELECTRONICS —  Yup, these are usually on sale this weekend because there will be an influx of new items after the Consumer Electronics Show is over.  Things like wireless, smart home items, streaming players, headphones and more will be on sale.

TAKE IT TO THE MATTRESSES — While sales are usually better during Memorial weekend, President’s Day is gaining ground and you might find the next best deal.

EVERYTHING FROM GET MY PERKS — well, come on.  We always have great deals.




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