Traveling Through 2017

With the New Year comes the renewing of vacation days! I don’t know about you but I think about my next vacation before even go on my upcoming vacation. Sometimes I get so excited I start booking without really doing any price comparisons. This year, I’m determined to do things differently.

According to the Huffington Post, on average, 54 days before a domestic flight is when you will find the lowest prices. The prime booking window is 112 to 21 days before takeoff. Keep in mind that holidays such as spring break, Christmas, July 4th etc. are the exception to the rule. In this instance the sooner y0u book the better.

Here are some other ways to save on vacation:

  • AirbnB and Home Away offer resort quality lodging at a fraction of the price.
  • Flex Dates: If you have any flexibility in your travel dates, booking departing and return flights during the week can save you money.
  • Off Season: Stay away from prime travel dates; Christmas, July 4th, Spring Break etc. Booking during the off season is sure to save you money as well as help you skip the crowds.
  • Pack Light: don’t incur the unnecessary cost of checking bags. Pack light and only bring a carry on. Most hotels provide basic toiletries so you can at the very least leave your toothbrush, shampoo and soap at home!

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