Beat The January Blues

In England, there is a big push to beat something called the “January Blues.”  While it’s not as popular here, we think we see it’s symptoms everywhere this month – – and we’re ready to help you beat it!

The January Blues are a time of depression and lethargy that follows the holiday season and is made worse by dreary weather and lack of stimulating activity.  Basically, you’re bored and depressed and it’s a long time until you have a good holiday planned.

Do you know that feeling?  So do we!  So, we’ve come up with some ways to beat this dreary time and to bring some happiness back into the picture since Mother Nature usually doesn’t give us much help about now.

  1. Start a new project:  give yourself something fun to do that will occupy your hands, your mind and your time so it’s not 100% spent watching reruns and waiting for the next football playoff game.
  2. Plan a few dinners with friends:  depression is waved off by fun and company, so, since the holidays are over, make plans with friends you haven’t seen since October since you have all been so busy!
  3. Take care of yourself:  You might think this is just about the New Year’s Resolution, but it’s not!  Spoil yourself with a pedicure or a day of window shopping that is just about YOU.  During the holidays, you usually spend most of it thinking of others — so reclaim some YOU time.
  4. When you find the sun — Get out in it!!
  5. Smile:  Just the physical practice of doing that will release hormones that lift your mood.  Try it!

We’re pretty sure at least one of the things on the list above might help you get to spring in a happier way — but if you need a little more incentive, go shopping with this promo code at Get My PERKS:  JANBLUE

With that code, you’ll get $5.00 off your $20 purchase through 1/31/2017.  Not applicable on all offers, cannot be used with other promotions.  One per person.  Restrictions may apply.


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