You’ve Got The WRONG Resolution!

Weight loss is still the number one resolution for 2017 but we think that’s not what you should resolve to do this year.

According to, 21.4% of people want to lose weight or eat healthier in 2017.  Second to that is improving myself in some way.  That’s the resolution of 12.3% of the people surveyed.  Rounding out the top five resolutions were making better financial decisions, quit smoking and do more exciting things.

At number six, with 6.2% of people listing it as their primary resolution is spending more time with family or friends.

We’ve decided number six should be number one for 2018 — and we want to start right now making our families and friends our primary concern.  If you think about it, it really makes sense:

  • spending more time with family and friends gives you more opportunity to do healthy things with them.  Take the kids on a bike ride!  Go on a hike with another family or start a cooking club with friends to try out awesome recipes.  Friends and family help motivate you to keep healthy habits and work much better than trying to do it alone.
  • Being closer to your family will improve your own being.  Having game night with the kids gives you the opportunity to connect with them in a meaningful way, which will increase your own happiness and give you more grounding.  You will be amazed how just being involved with your friends and family will help you improve your own life and give you opportunity to support others improving theirs.
  • How do being closer to friends and family help with financial decisions?  One great answer is priorities.  If your motivation is for happy family — that doesn’t mean spending money, it means spending TIME.  Also, if you need a better budgeting system, you often need to cut back on non essential things — and spending time with family and friends never has to be expensive.
  • Quitting smoking is always high on the list of things people resolve to do.  Start small by making a commitment to never smoke in your car or house.  Then, resolve to stop smoking any time your family or friends are around.  Then, resolve to make more time for them and less time for your crutch.  It’s difficult, yes, but looking at your family and friends and spending more time with them and less time lighting up with improve your relationships, your wallet and your own health.

There are millions of ways to keep family first, but here are some things to get you started:

  • Resolve to eat dinner with your family and without screens at least 3 times a week
  • Resolve to have a family night in at least once a week where you play games, watch movies and just be together
  • Set aside one night a month for date night with your significant other
  • Set aside one weekend a quarter that is family weekend where you find a new hiking trail, go on a weekend adventure or visit relatives
  • Spend time making new friends and pick a weekend to lunch or dinner with friends.  We’re all busy but sometimes, a friend is just waiting for an invitation!
  • Get involved with a community group (a volunteer organization, a church or club) that gives you opportunity to be social with your family, and possibly doing things that help others, too.

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