Too Early To Talk Leftovers?

Let’s face it.  The actual meal on Thanksgiving is for one reason — to get the awesome leftover bounty started.  There are least two things on the Thanksgiving table that no one loves but all the rest:  leftover heaven!

So, if you (like us) look past the actual Turkey Day and start dreaming of leftovers starting the minute the turkey goes into the oven, we salute you!  And, we give you some of our favorite ways to use those yummy leftovers.

The Sandwich

This is the beginning of all things wonderful.  Of course, you have the turkey . . . and that with some mayo and a tomato make some yummy stuff, but that’s not the most you can do.

  • Use the leftover rolls to make little turkey sliders
  • grill some stuffing (or dressing if that is what you call it) into patties to add to the fun
  • Use the cranberry sauce for a little tang
  • chop up the turkey and add some of the deviled eggs, mayo and more for a yummy, yummy turkey salad sandwich (one of our favs)

Soup and Stuff

It’s a given that some of that bird is going to end up being a soup somewhere down the line.  We even save the carcass (gross) and make turkey stock out of it.  Just throw it in a giant pot with water an onion, some carrots and celery and let that sucker boil for a few million hours.  Yum.  Ok, go find a real recipe, but this is a great way to not waste a bit of the bird and have yummy stock to make more soup all year long.

  • Turkey Soup.  Well, that’s pretty obvious, so let’s take it to another level
  • Turkey pot pie is perfect for the family that is still hanging out in your house.  The added veggies and stuff make it stretch to the yummy last morsel
  • Go Italian:  Turkey Tetrazzini, Turkey Bolognese
  • Turkey a al King
  • Southwestern Turkey Soup

A Little Off The Wall

One of our favorite ways to eat leftovers is just to warm it up in one bowl and mush it all together.  That works great with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and beans.  Just a big ‘ol mess of yum.  But, we know you might want some other options. . .

  • Take your turkey and that leftover fruit salad and make a Turkey Waldorf Salad
  • Use the dressing / stuffing and turn it into dumplings for Turkey Dumpling Stew
  • Take the leftover veggies and turn that into an Frittata for breakfast
  • turned those mashed potatoes into potato cakes and have some off the wall eggs Benedict
  • Take those sweet potatoes and do a fun take on Shepherd’s pie — with Turkey, of course
  • Put those leftover cranberries in a yummy muffin recipe
  • use a casserole dish — put stuff in it — add cheese and viola!  Almost anything can be casseroled!

Don’t forget, you can freeze things, too.  Turkey is a good thing to freeze in small batches so you can try one of these ideas in January, when you need to recapture some of that wonderful holiday spirit.

What do you do with YOUR leftovers?



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