Quiz Results: Get My PERKS Fans Have Spoken on the BEST Halloween Costumes for 2016

A few weeks ago, we asked Get My PERKS fans to find out their PERKfect Halloween costume.  Our extremely scientific-like quiz found out some pretty interesting things before letting our fans know the costume that best fit their personality.  Here are some things that piqued our interest:

What Costumes Are Most Advised For Get My PERKS Shoppers and Fans?

  1. Superhero — We’d agree with that.  You’re a pretty cool group of people.
  2. Witch / Wizard — um. . . .good witch?
  3. Cowboy / Cowgirl — Howdy.
  4. Hippie — Groovy.
  5. Vampire — We eat a lot of Italian.  Sorry.
  6. Ghost — The Friendly Ghost??

What is our favorite thing to do on Halloween?


For the 13% who like to scare people, we’re not coming to your house.  We will happily visit that 26% that like to pass out candy.  We’re all about that.

Whatever your favorite candy, your favorite costume or your favorite way to spend the day, we just want you to have fun and be safe.  We usually have some pretty good options for doing both on Halloween.  Check out Get My PERKS for the latest activities and events in your area.


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