Is The Ecstacy / Candy Warning on Facebook Real??

Everyone’s mother is sharing that image of little tablets that look like candy but is really Ecstasy and warning us all that it might show up in your kid’s bag as a trick instead of a treat.

We’ve kinda gotten used to foolish scams on social media and wanted to see if this one had any legs.  Yes, we check our kids’ treat bag but it’s mostly to pick out the really good stuff they just won’t appreciate before they get their chocolate-stained hands on it.  You still worry, though.

We did two things to track this one down. First, we checked out our favorite rumor busting website  They confirmed that some forms of Ecstasy are brightly colored and look like candy.  They also said there is no report of anything like that being put in a kid’s Halloween bag.

Next, we called our local police department.  The public information officer said it’s never a bad idea to check your kid’s bag but the biggest danger is an upset tummy from them eating too much on Halloween night or having small candies for little children who might not be able to eat them properly.

We remember when this obsession with checking candy began.  Our moms checked candy in the late 80’s when there were reports of razors in apples and such.  Even those rumors were mostly false (all attributed to parents wanting to harm their own children).

So, it’s still never a bad idea to check (and forage) in your child’s Trick-or-Treating bag, but look for more than just drugs.  Here’s your common list of things to check:

  • spoiled or ‘broken’ fruit
  • opened candy packages (mostly because of germs)
  • expired candy
  • candy not appropriate for your child’s age

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