What Will You Be For Halloween?

halloweenboobuys_180x180What?  You think you are too old to dress up?  Nope.  Not true!  The National Retail Federation says 43.9% of adults in the US wear a costume for Halloween.  In fact, we spend more on adult costumes as a nation than we do on those cute little costumes for kids.

On average, Americans will shell out over $93 each on Halloween (around 29% of that is candy. . . yum).

So, now that we’ve kinda talked you into playing dress up, what will you be?  Please don’t say any character from Suicide Squad.  There will be 10 million Harley Quinn’s teasing it up on the big night.

Here are the most popular adult costumes:

Witches 13.4 %
Pirates 3.9 %
Vampires 3.7 %
Batman 2.2 %
Cats 2.2 %
Vixens 2.1 %

And, if you are still going to get the little kids a costume:

Princess 11 %
Superhero 6.8 %
Fairy 2.6 %
Vampire 2.4 %

For those of you with a little more adventure, did you know 23% of people will go visit a haunted attraction?  Your area might have some great attractions listed.  Check out Get My PERKS and see if you can get your scare on this Halloween!


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